– ABOUT Haley –

Though I received my BA from the University of Alabama in Studio Art, a career as a wedding photographer took me by total surprise. Frankly, I never expected it to fulfill the call to create that's beckoned since childhood ... but thank goodness the human experience includes the opportunity to embrace a change of heart, right?

I draw inspiration from the chemistry between two lovers, lighting, color, a sense of time and space, relationships, and raw candid emotion; I adore using each of these facets to not only compose pretty photographs, but to evoke feeling and construct a narrative. It's not lost on me how fortunate I am to share in and document so many incredible moments - my heart is full of gratitude for this life.

My husband, Dylan, has been my partner on this journey since the very start. Second-shooter ... film-loader... extra set of hands ... technical guru ... sounding board ... my champion. He's a treasured and integral part of this process. 

Outside of photography, I'm a professed coffee connoisseur, music enthusiast, and lover of the written word. My proudest accomplishment is without a doubt, being a Mama to my darling son. 

Let the beauty of what you love be

what you do